Cleaning and Arranging Your Closet

Cleaning and arranging your closet can be one of the most tiring things you ever have to do. This is because, it is something that requires a lot of time and further, it is something that you will have to spend an entire day on. You will most definitely have to allocate such an amount of time and you will need some cleaning products as well. The aim of this article is to ensure that you have some tips to make it easy and get the job done fast. Here they are.

Start by folding all the Clothes

The first thing you should do is to fold all the clothes. This is what this simply means. All you have to do is just pull out everything out of the closet and then proceed to fold them the proper way. Once they are folded properly, ensure that you keep them separated according to the clothing item. This way, when you start arranging, you will find it easier to do so.

Compartmentalize Your Closet

Compartmentalizing your closet is not as hard as you think it is. All you have to do is to divide the closet into spaces. For an instance, it might be useful to separate the closet into having t-shirts on one side and pants on the other side. If you have the time and patience you might even want to colour code it. However, basic compartmentalizing will do and this will keep the clothes in one place.

Throw Out Old Clothes

One of the biggest reasons that closets get full is because old clothes are kept for too long. Therefore, when you pull out the clothes, make sure that you see what you don’t want and put them out. If you no longer wear them and if they have gone out of style, or if they have faded or if something has happened and you don’t use them, then ensure that you put them aside and not back in your closet. Do the same thing with your shoes and handbags.

Use Air Freshener

Air freshener for the closet is very important. This is because; your clothes need to be kept smelling fresh and feeling new. Therefore, once you have arranged your clothes and cleaned your closet, ensure that you go to the store and ask for air freshener that is used in closets. This way, you will be able to keep your clothes smelling good and new. Remember to replace this every once in a while so that it does not get stale inside. Therefore, follow the above steps for a great looking closet.